Somerset councillor helps deliver granddaughter

"Delivering for Somerset ward" is a slogan Coun. Catherine McKenney can now say she comes by honestly after helping her daughter deliver a baby at home early Thursday morning.


Updated: April 9, 2015


“Delivering for Somerset ward” is a slogan Coun. Catherine McKenney can now say she comes by honestly.

That’s because the councillor sprang into action early Thursday morning after

her daughter, Tricia McLaughlin, went into labour and quickly delivered a healthy, eight-pound girl at home.


Catherine McKenney@cmckenney

New grand daughter born unexpectedly @ home 8lbs1oz. All healthy Thx to @ottawaparamedic Service. @ChiefDiMonte

1:27 AM - Apr 9, 2015 · Ottawa, Ontario

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McKenney was at home on Wednesday night when she received a text from her daughter at around 9 p.m., informing her that contractions were occurring every 10 minutes. McKenney was asked to keep her phone on, so she could go over and take care of McLaughlin’s older child during and after the delivery.

But — and the timing is key here — she received a call at 11:42 p.m. from her son-in-law, Rob McLaughlin.

“I think you should come over,” he said. “Things are happening fast.”


So McKenney hopped on her bike, raced up Somerset hill to Chinatown and arrived at the stroke of midnight.

She could hear her daughter in “heavy labour” when she arrived, she said later, and called 911 at 12:06 a.m. She then went outside to flag down the ambulance.

And when she came back inside, her daughter was sitting on the bed with the new baby — a girl they’ve named Mya.

“It was all very fast,” McKenney said.

Three Ottawa paramedics were on scene and it was only after the initial rush died down that McKenney mentioned she was a city councillor. She also tweeted a pic of a paramedic with baby Mya.

“Every dollar we pay them was worth it last night,” she said.


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