OttawaMatters: Community vision with affordable housing for LeBreton Flats: Somerset councillor

Jenn Pritchard

Catherine McKenney wants to use the RendezVous LeBreton deal falling through with the NCC as an opportunity to start fresh.

A vision for the future of LeBreton Flats includes affordable housing beside the LRT stations, according to Somerset ward City Councillor Catherine McKenney. 

The councillor shared her thoughts on the RendezVous LeBreton deal falling

through with the National Capital Commission on Tuesday, explaining that she wasn't surprised.

"As things unfolded late last year it became evident that this partnership wasn't a good one and wasn't likely to move forward," McKenney told reporters. "I see this as an opportunity, really, to get it right. To get LeBreton Flats right." 

McKenney wants the project she envisions to start with the community around LeBreton Flats. 

"I'd like to see us design a community. I'd like to see us plan this out properly and then go out and let different developers come in and build," she stated. "I don't think it should go to one, I think that it should be well planned out but diverse." 

But the bottom line, she said, is that she wants affordable housing included in whatever development comes to the area. 

When it comes to including an NHL arena at LeBreton Flats, McKenney explained that she would be ok with it, to a degree. 

"I don't think the community nearby or the city has any issue with an arena on the site, but that part of it should not make or break the deal." 

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