Supporting Local Business 

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Living in the Somerset neighborhood is like being able to live in almost autarky, which does not mean the same thing for everyone. For some, it is being able to grocery store on foot, next door, or ride his bike to go for a coffee with friends and for others, it is the opportunity to go to work by bus.

Local businesses and businesses play a fundamental role in the economic and social health of any major city, and in Somerset, our businesses are doing well. Ottawa is fortunate to have new business incubators such as Shopify and Hub that provide excellent opportunities for collaboration and innovation in the commercial sector.

Thanks to the relentless work done in Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) - Bank Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, Somerset Village and Sparks Street - consumers are spoiled for choice as there are shops, besides the streets are full of activities and are very interesting to visit.

Once on the Board, I will give my full support to the Boards of the five BIAs and continue to work closely with local businesses and businesses to promote new festivals and events and maintain the character and health of our major axes. road.