Commercial Patio Zoning By-law Amendment

In 2020, as part of the City’s COVID-19 business recovery efforts, the City adopted a temporary Zoning By-law Amendment which relaxed certain regulations around the establishment and placement of outdoor commercial patios and outdoor retail “pop-up” spaces. These included the following:

• No requirement for separation between a patio and a residential zone, whereas the current By-law requires any outdoor commercial patio not separated by a building to be located at least 30 m away from a residential zone where screened, or 75 m away from a residential zone where not screened.
• Patios located within 30 m of a residential zone are not permitted to contain an amplified sound system for music or entertainment purposes.
• Patios are permitted to encroach on parking spaces, except “accessible” spaces as defined under the Traffic and Parking By-law.

These temporary rules will expire on January 1, 2022 and all patios established under these regulations will no longer be permitted. The City has initiated a Zoning By-law Amendment to make these patio regulations permanent. You can review the application and proposed changes on the City's website. The pre-pandemic outdoor commercial patio regulations are covered in Section 85 of the Zoning By-law

Submit comments to Robert Sandercott, the City's planner on this file, at [email protected]

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