I’m ready for the next four years!


And I need your help to get there. A donation of $25* today will help me continue fighting the good fight for a better downtown.

It’s been a great term. I’m pleased with all that we have been able to accomplish and I want to keep working with you on making Somerset Ward the best it can be.

I want to put people first in all we do at City Hall.

You can also send a check to: 

Catherine McKenney Campaign
120 Walnut Court, Unit 25
Ottawa, ON  K1R 7W2


Together, let’s continue bringing our ideas and projects forward.


· More complete streets, with great pedestrian and cycling facilities

· New developments that respect our communities and environment

· Local businesses that thrive and grow to meet our needs

· A Womens’ Bureau adding a gender lens to what the City does

· Health and social services that reflect the diversity of our neighbourhoods.

· Affordable and sustainable housing near our LRT stations

· Protection of our amazing heritage resources

· More trees, more parks.

· Recreation facilities for every age and level of ability

· Transit that truly replaces the car culture


By now, you know my work and my priorities.

I won’t back down when it’s time to put your issues forward.  


Let’s get me out knocking on doors, meeting people, debating any and all on the issues that matter! 


*   Learn more about the Contribution Rebate Program here!


The more you give, the more you make another four years possible!