Frequently Asked Questions on the City's COVID vaccine program

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The following questions were those most frequently asked by residents and Members of

Council from January 4, 2021 to present. These FAQs will be updated regularly as new

details emerge from all levels of government.

It is important to note that new information on COVID-19 vaccines is emerging from the

senior levels of government every day. Federal and provincial vaccine distribution

timelines are in flux given the limited supply of vaccines currently available.

1. When will people in Ottawa start getting vaccinated against COVID-19?

a. The Ottawa Hospital administered the city’s first COVID-19 vaccine on

December 15, 2020. Since then, thousands of vaccines have been

administered in Ottawa to higher-risk populations and those that care for

them in accordance with the Province’s phased approach to vaccine rollout.

2. Who is determining who can get a COVID-19 vaccine and when?

a. The Government of Canada is responsible for approval and procurement of

COVID-19 vaccine supply. The Government of Ontario is responsible for

the distribution of these vaccines across the province. The Ethical

Framework for COVID-19 vaccine distribution guides how the provincial

government prioritizes and distributes vaccines across Ontario.

3. When will I be eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine, and who comes next in


a. The Province has started to roll out a three-phased vaccine distribution

implementation plan as follows:

Phase 1 – Starting December 2020: Limited doses of the vaccine available

for residents, essential caregivers, staff and other employees of long-term

care homes, retirements homes, and other congregate settings caring for

seniors at high-risk; eligible health care workers in accordance with the

Ministry of Health guidance; first Nation communities and urban Indigenous

populations, and adult chronic home care recipients.

Phase 2 – Starting March 2021: Increasing stock of vaccines, available to

older adults, beginning with those 80 and older, people who live and work

in high-risk congregate settings (for example, shelters, community living),

frontline essential workers, including first responders, teachers, food

processing workers, individuals with high-risk chronic conditions and their

caregivers, and other populations and communities who are at greater

COVID-19 risk.

Phase 3 – Starting August 2021: Vaccines available widely across Ontario

for anyone in the general population who wants to be immunized.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution FAQs

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These timelines are subject to change subject to possible additional

vaccine approvals and supply. Please check the provincial website for the

latest on vaccine distribution in Ontario. These decisions are made by the

Province and subject to vaccine availability from the Federal government.

For more information on vaccine sequencing in Ottawa, please visit

Ottawa Public Health’s website.

In the coming weeks, the focus will be to administer second doses to

those who have already received their first dose of the vaccine. The

timeline for completion is dependent on the supply of vaccine the city

receives from the Province.

As supply allows, the focus will shift to higher risk retirement homes

identified by OPH in accordance with the ethical framework. Select

congregate care settings for older adults and high-risk healthcare workers

will follow under Phase 1 of the Provincial approach. Other Phase 1

populations to be immunized are adult members of First Nations,

Inuit and Metis communities and adults with chronic home care.


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