Catherine lives, works, shops and plays in Somerset Ward



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Catherine has the experience it takes to work with Council, staff and the community to set priorities and get results


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“I’ve known Catherine for many years. I’ve always admired her commitment and tenacity when it comes to our neighbourhoods. Affordable housing is a big part of what makes a city vibrant and sustainable. Catherine understands this and is a strong advocate on the housing front. Transforming older OCH communities, negotiating a land deal for seven acres for new development , arguing for an affordable housing lens at LRT stations, negotiating community benefits with developers to provide truly affordable housing in Centretown. These are some of the results under Catherine’s watch. And she does it by listening to the community first. She is a true housing champion."
Catherine Boucher
Somerset Ward resident, and Former Executive Director,
Centretown Citizens of Ottawa Corporation (CCOC)
“I got to see what she’s like - her work ethic, her passion for social justice, green transportation, affordable housing and all the things that are important in Somerset Ward. She’s heavily involved in the community and really understands how the city works. We need that experience working for us at City Hall.”
-  Former Councillor Diane Holmes


"I endorse Catherine McKenney as City Councillor for Somerset Ward. She is uniquely qualified to make Centretown and Ottawa a fabulous place where we all can prosper. She understands the importance of the arts in making Ottawa a fabulous place. She understands the economic benefits that a vibrant arts community can bring to Ottawa, as well as the more intangible benefits of the role of the arts in defining who we are. I have seen her in action being an effective and passionate advocate for the arts. From a personal perspective, she helped me pick up garbage at the Women’s March in Washington for my series Flotsam, and she agreed to sit for her portrait for my series of female politicians."
 Joyce Crago
Award Winning Photographer

"I've loved having Catherine as my counsellor. I've rarely gotten a response when I write to my representatives about issues that I care about and reaching out to Catherine is the first time someone has actually done something to improve my life when I advocated for it. She took the time to respond personally and address the issue that I brought forward as a constituent and advocated strongly on my behalf. She brought about the change I asked for to improve my life and the lives of others that live in my neighbourhood. This is exactly how a councillor should act and it means a lot to me that she cares and that she took the time to help me. A vote for Catherine is a vote for a Councillor that truly cares about her community and will do what it takes to get the job done."

-   Jasmin Pettie
Somerset Ward Resident, Public Servant, and Teaching Assistant

As a resident of Somerset Ward, and someone who has worked with the City of Ottawa on a number of large-scale projects, I endorse Catherine McKenney for re-election as City Councillor.  Catherine works hard to consult widely and understand issues facing the city from all sides.  She is a strong communicator who effectively represents her ward at Council meetings and in the corridors of City Hall.  Catherine brings a practical approach to government that reinforces her commitment to making Ottawa a better, more liveable city.

- Rob Collins
Former VP and CIO, Cognos, Inc.
Erica Ifill,  Digital Public Relations Consultant
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