Letter to Chief Sloly concerning mask protestors in Chinatown

Good morning Chief Sloly.

I would like to bring your attention to a disturbing incident that occurred in Somerset Ward on Sunday.

According to media reports, two men entered a store in Chinatown without masks. They were asked by management to leave but refused and blocked the entrance to prevent other customers from leaving.

The men challenged the City's mask by-law and shouted conspiracy theories about the requirement for masks further putting the health of other people in the store at risk.

No charges were laid.

Frankly, I feel that this was a disingenuous response by police. This is not an isolated incident. Videos have been posted all over Canada of people disrupting stores and public places and pushing a conspiracy agenda. In my opinion, these men knew they were deliberately flouting the law. Chief, as long as we refuse to take action in these cases, some individuals will fail to obey the law, through malice or neglect while intentionally putting people’s health at risk.

I look forward to your response.

Catherine McKenney
Somerset Ward Councillor

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