Motion: Alternate LRT route that retains Manor Village and Cheryl Gardens

Moved by: Councillor C. McKenney

Seconded by: Councillor R. Brockington

WHEREAS City Council declared an affordable housing and homelessness crisis and emergency on January 29, 2020 which persists and is growing; and

WHEREAS there are 36,000 renter households in Ottawa who spend in excess of 30% of their income on rent and are at risk of losing their housing; and

WHEREAS as of December 31, 2019, the number of households on the waiting list for subsidized housing in Ottawa was over 12,500, with an additional 500 new applications processed between the start of the COVID pandemic and the end of June 2020; and

WHEREAS there are currently over 1900 people living in shelters in the City and another approximately 200 without shelter; and

WHEREAS significant questions remain about the Grade-Separation of Woodroffe Avenue and Southwest Transitway; and

WHEREAS options 3 & 4 in Section 1 of ‘Corridor Alignment and Design Alternatives’ may cost the city approximately the same amount of money as the staff recommended option 6; and

WHEREAS the staff recommended option 6 has less predictable costing given the nature of land deals and the potential expropriation process that are associated with this option; and

WHEREAS many of the drawbacks of option 3 & 4 vis-a-vis option 6 in the staff report, such as concerns over wheel noise and discomfort from a curving track

and the temporary disruption of vehicular traffic on Woodroffe, must be balanced with the significant impact option 6 will have on the lives of over 300 low-income tenants including displacement;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT City Council direct staff to report back to the Transportation Committee with an alternate option that includes retaining the housing in Manor Village or Cheryl Gardens.

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