Motion: Red light camera revenues

City Council, Standing Committee and Commission Conseil, comités permanents et commission

Notice of Motion / Avis de motion

Council / Conseil

Report / Agenda: City Council Agenda 45 Item /

Article: 2021 Draft operating and Capital Budget Ottawa Police Services/Finance and Economic Development Committee/ Transportation Committee

Re: Re-Allocation of Revenues from Red Light Cameras

Moved by / Motion de: Councillor S. Menard

Seconded by / Appuyée par:Councillor

WHEREAS the City of Ottawa has budgeted revenue from Red Light Cameras at $11.725 million including an increase of $1.8 million from 10 additional red-light cameras (Finance and Economic Development Committee Budget (Non-Departmental – Page 52 of the FEDCO Budget Book); and

WHEREAS the funds generated from automated traffic enforcement are best used to implement safety measures on our streets; and

WHEREAS the City has committed to reducing the number of traffic deaths and serious injuries in our city; and WHEREAS police enforcement of traffic laws is an inefficient use of funds intended to increase traffic safety; and

WHEREAS the 2021 Draft Ottawa Police Services Board Budget included $1.2 million of this revenue to be diverted from the City’s automated traffic enforcement to Ottawa Police Services as part of a three year funding strategy to stabilize the tax rate; and

WHEREAS traffic safety is best achieved through engineering and road designs; and

WHEREAS ward Temporary Traffic Calming budgets are becoming an ever-increasingly important means of altering dangerous road design; and

WHEREAS in accordance with the Police Services Act, Council has the authority to establish the overall police budget that it considers necessary to fulfill its statutory obligations under Section 4 of the Act, but does not have the authority to approve or disapprove of specific line items in the estimates submitted by the Ottawa Police Services Board;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council reduce the Ottawa Police Services Board 2021 Draft Operating Budget by $1.2 million, corresponding to the amount that would have been received from the City’s Red Light Camera revenue; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the $1.2 million in revenue generated from Red Light Camera enforcement that was budgeted to be transferred to Ottawa Police Services be reallocated to the 2021 Transportation Committee Budget capital budget less the estimated staffing costs to implement ward installations, to increase the ward Temporary Traffic Calming budgets for 2021, split evenly by all 23 wards (Project 910021 2021 Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Program - Ward Initiative – Page 131 of the Transportation Committee Budget Book).

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