Motion: Support for tenants displaced by LRT Stage II

Moved by / Motion de: Councillor C. McKenney

Seconded by / Appuyée par: Councillor S. Menard

 That the Rules of Procedure be suspended to consider the following Motion, in order that the property owner may address these issues as soon as possible,

 WHEREAS the report “Barrhaven Light Rail Transit (Baseline Station to Barrhaven Town Centre) and Rail Grade-Separations, Planning and Environmental Assessment Study – Recommendations” (the Report) details the functional design to extend LRT to Barrhaven as part of Stage 3, to build three bridges over VIA Rail tracks near Fallowfield Station and to implement transit-priority measures;

 AND WHERAS the City would need to acquire 6.5 hectares of land from the NCC, the private sector and Hydro One in order to extend the LRT along the proposed route;

 AND WHEREAS one of the parcels of land that would need to be expropriated is comprised of 120 rental housing units;

 AND WHEREAS the loss of these homes imposes housing instability for the existing tenants and would further impact the availability of affordable rental housing options for low to moderate income households in this part of the City; and

 AND WHEREAS the City should be a leader in providing replacement rental housing when new construction results in the direct loss of rental for existing tenants; and

 AND WHEREAS the legislated compensation for tenants required to relocate due to expropriation is negligible compared to the costs they will incur if market rents are significantly higher than their current rent;

 THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council establish a Rental Replacement Program for the residents who are facing relocation because of the LRT project and that the Working Group, identified in recommendation 5 of the Report, assist tenants in securing rental housing that is of a similar dwelling type and bedroom count to their existing rental housing; and

 THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the City, subject to Council approval in the annual budget, provide a housing allowance to pay the difference between the rent for the expropriated property and the rent for a replacement unit, up to the Average Market Rent for the City of Ottawa as defined by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, should the replacement unit have a rent that is higher than the rent of the expropriated unit; and

 THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Council direct the Working Group to identify a source of funding to support such a Rental Replacement Program set out herein and finalize the details of the Rental Replacement Program such that only tenants who are, as of the date of this motion, tenants of the land to be expropriated and continue to be tenants of the land at time of eviction, qualify for the Program, encourage those who qualify for other housing benefits to apply for such benefits, with any other Program requirement to be brought forward to Finance and Economic Development Committee in accordance with Recommendation 6 of the Report.

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