Motion to freeze transit fares

Date: November 18, 2020

 Report / Agenda: Transit Commission

 Item / Article: Motion

 Re: Fare Freeze

 Moved by / Motion de:                 Councillor C. McKenney

WHEREAS Ottawa has one of the most expensive transit passes in Canada; and

 WHEREAS Ottawa has one of the most expensive single-ride fares in Canada; and

 WHEREAS the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented financial hardship to many Ottawa residents, particularly those who are unemployed or working in low wage jobs,; and

 WHEREAS retail and other front line workers, and other minimum wage workers are mostly reliant on public transit to get to work;

 THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that transit fares be frozen until the pandemic is declared over and the state of emergency is lifted; and

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Tranist Commission recommend Council direct the Mayor write to the Government of Ontario to request financial assistance to make up the shortfall that a transit freeze would create.

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