Motion to strike independent task forces to report on LRT issues

I tabled the following today, in response to the two train derailments and many other issues with the LRT.

It was defeated on the following division:

Brockington: yes

Caricato: no

Gower: no

Kavanagh: yes

McKenney: yes

Olsen: no

Sudds: absent

Tierney: no

Williams: yes

Wright-Gilbert: yes

Clouthier: no

Hubley no

Committee / Commission: Transit Commission
Report / Agenda : Agenda 27
Item / Article : Confederation Line and Bus Service Update
Re: Confederation Line – Task Forces

Moved by / Motion de: Councillor C. McKenney

WHEREAS a westbound train on the Confederation Line derailed on September
19th, 2021; and

WHEREAS on August 8TH, 2021, a train on the Confederation Line derailed while
in operation; and

WHEREAS on August 24th, 2021, a ‘ghost’ break forced an unexpected stop
between two stations forcing riders to be evacuated from the train; and

WHEREAS ten train cars from the Confederation Line were recently found to have
axle problems in need of immediate repair; and

WHEREAS the Transportation Safety Board has been involved in investigating
loose axle bearings and cracked wheels on the Confederation Line trains; and

WHEREAS the Rideau Transit Maintenance Group (RTM) – the maintenance
affiliate of RTG/SNCL – has a 30-year maintenance agreement with the City of
Ottawa; and

WHEREAS the Confederation Line recently passed the two-year mark of revenue
service availability and has only had one year of expected service reliability
during a time when, due to the global pandemic the ridership was exceptionally
low; and

WHEREAS in the first year of revenue service availability there were ongoing
serious issues with the rail system that included: train control software and
communication system software problems; compromised catenary mechanical
supports; switch heater malfunctions; vehicle passenger door faults; track
defects; and wheel cracks on several trains; and

WHEREAS the Terms of Reference for the Finance and Economic Development
Committee state that the Committee is expressly responsible for “all matters
related to the Stage 1 and 2 LRT projects … including procurement, contract
award and construction progress; and

WHEREAS Section B. 13. of the Terms of Reference for the Transit Commission
expressly delegates to the Commission the authority to “receive operational
performance reporting related to the transit system”; and

WHEREAS the Transit Commission’s Terms of Reference further state that the
Commission’s mandate is “responsible for ensuring the development of a safe,
efficient, accessible and client-focused transit system and for providing overall
guidance and direction to the Transportation Services Department on all issues
relating to the operation of public transit. Including conventional bus service, the
O-train an Para Transpo” [emphasis added]; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Transit Commission recommend that
Ottawa City Council establish two separate Task Forces as follows:

1. The first Task Force, comprised of relevant external and independent rail
experts to provide a full assessment of the original 2012 bid against the
entire system delivery to date;

2. The second Task Force shall be an independent panel, comprised of
leading rail experts to determine and advise the City on a way forward to
provide long-term, reliable, and safe rail service on the Confederation Line;

3. The Task Forces shall be supported by City staff and funded from the
Transit Reserve.

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