My June 2019 report on electric buses

n February 2019, I raised an Inquiry at Transit Commission:

Subject: Electric buses
Submitted at: 
OC Transpo Commission
From: Councillor C. McKenney
Date: February 20, 2019
To: General Manager, Transportation Services Department


In keeping with the City’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and with the knowledge that OC Transpo’s diesel buses create the majority of the City’s greenhouse gas, what would be the environmental and fiscal impact of a pilot project to introduce electric buses to the fleet in 2010?

A few months later, staff responded saying that there was no point in looking at electric buses for Ottawa.

I countered with my own report showing that e-buses were more cost-efficient, had lower emissions, and were generally a better value for tax payers. And that’s why we have electric buses today.

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