My motions at Council: policing; protection for staff; LeBreton Community Benefits Agreement

The July 15, 2020 meeting of Ottawa City Council was a long one (almost 12 hours) and covered a huge range of topics. Among the many issues that I spoke on, voted on, and provided motions and amendments on, there are three topics I want to share with you.

Changes to Policing and Police Budget Process in Ottawa

Read the full motion here.

I tabled this Notice of Motion (it will be debated and voted on at the August 26 Council meeting) in response to the many emails, calls, and other communications I have received about dissatisfaction with having police assigned to address mental health issues and with other concerns about policing and police budgets.

Changes to how Councillors hire and treat their staff

Read the full motion here.

Following the allegations and investigation into the conduct of one of my Council colleagues towards job applicants and staff in his office, I believe the City needs to accord better protections for our own staff. This motion ensures that a 3rd party will attend job interviews and develops a better environment for politician-staff interactions.

LeBreton Flats Community Benefits Agreement

Read the full motion here.

The development of LeBreton Flats is one of the most significant changes to our City in decades. Unfortunately, it is being done piecemeal - one condo tower at a time - without a plan for a structured, complete community that provides amenities like grocery stores, recreation facilities, parks, and other services that make a neighbourhood.

A Community Benefits Agreement would ensure that developers take these items into account and include important amenities in their plans.

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