Catherine's View

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Living downtown should mean living in a place where you can spend your entire day without having to go anywhere else. And that means different things for different people….. being able to walk to a grocery store, or jump on a bike to meet our friends for a coffee, or use public transit to get to work. We need to look at how we move around the city and build infrastructure for all users of all ages and needs.

What makes a strong community? Having a mix of people to interact with everyday and making sure everyone’s needs are equally met.

Again, I want to ensure that we pursue smart planning that provides for all housing needs and predictable planning that protects residential and low-rise neighbourhoods, respects heritage buildings, and supports affordable housing.

Smart planning is not the only way to promote strong communities. A thriving arts and culture scene also keeps our communities fun and exciting.

Businesses are another important aspect of any great downtown and in Somerset ward our businesses are strong. We have vibrant and interesting streets to visit. I will continue to work closely with local business improvement areas to promote new festivals and maintain the character and strength of our main streets.

Our busy lives means access to green space is extremely important. We need space to relax, meet our neighbours, and enjoy urban nature. This is important for our mental and physical well being. I want to make sure we continue to expand our green space by planting more trees, protecting and developing our parks, and providing affordable recreation programs so that our kids can thrive in healthy neighbourhoods.

I want to continue to work with you to make sure that Somerset ward is a place that can contain an entire family history.