Notice of Motion for October 29 Council condemning Anti-Chinese Racism

Moved by Councillor R. King

Seconded by Councillor C. McKenney

WHEREAS across Canada there have been reports of more than 600 incidents of hate targeting Asians since early February 2020 began according to Chinese Canadian Groups; and

WHEREAS 38% of the reported incidents occurred in Ontario; and WHEREAS there has been increasing reports of Anti-East Asian racism occurring in Ottawa including verbal threats, spitting, and intimidation and;

WHEREAS Anti-East Asian racism, like all other forms of racism have always existed in Canada and in Ottawa but have simply been exacerbated by COVID-19; and

WHEREAS Ottawa City Council unanimously endorsed the establishment of an Anti-Racism Secretariat for the City of Ottawa as a commitment to holding the City to account for addressing systemic racism

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Ottawa City Council unequivocally condemns any form of Anti-East Asian Racism being levelled against members of our community and;

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Anti-Racism Secretariat in conjunction with Public Information and Media Relations team launch a public awareness campaign on social media, promoting awareness of Anti-East Asian racism and calling on the public at large to be an ally.

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