Notice of Motion for October 29 Council re: alternatives to policing

Moved by Councillor S. Menard

Seconded by Councillor C. McKenney

WHEREAS our city, province and country are currently dealing with continued instances of anti-Black racism and systemic racism, including in our Police Services; and

WHEREAS new models of first response have been studied and implemented with the reallocation of resources towards frontline, unarmed mental health civilian response teams for de-escalation;

WHEREAS civilian non-police led community response mechanism could supplement Ottawa Police Services and could mitigate budgetary pressures experienced by Ottawa Police Services;

WHEREAS such a response mechanism could save Ottawa Police Services from doing work that they sometimes undertake currently as a result of there being no alternative established, and as a result of Ottawa Police Services filling such gaps as a last resort; and

WHEREAS Toronto, Victoria and many other cities are currently considering mental-health workers to replace law enforcement in civilian-led model for crises response WHEREAS such a response mechanism could ultimately save lives;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That City Council encourage the Ottawa Police Services Board to undertake a public consultation and report outlining potential alternative models of community safety response that could:

a. Involve the creation of non-police led response to calls which do not involve weapons or violence, such as those involving individuals experiencing mental health crises or drug addiction and where a police response is not necessary;

b. Reflect the City’s commitment to reconciliation.

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