Plan regarding innovative models of care for Long-term Care Homes

I have submitted a report to the Community and Protective Services Committee for discussion on February 18, 2021. You can see the full report here (including the department’s response) and a summary below.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Long Term Care home system issues have been

highlighted. These issues are not new, existing long before COVID-19 began. Now

more than ever, within a pandemic environment, there is a pressing need to change the

system so that residents in LTC homes are safe, comfortable, and live a dignified life.

As a result, the Community and Protective Services Committee, at its meeting of

November 19, 2020, received the following Notice of Motion to be considered at a

subsequent meeting:

WHEREAS the COVID19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of quality

Long Term Care facilities and with the City of Ottawa operating 4 long term care homes;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that staff be directed to present to Committee and

Council a plan regarding transformative culture change i.e. adapting innovative models

of care such as The Butterfly Model by Q2 2021.


A transformative culture change approach is a relationship-based approach to care

where residents, staff and families feel part of a community and are treated with dignity

and respect.

Transformative culture change means the way of organizing and giving care in LTC

homes changes. Residents know and feel like they are living in a warm, caring

environment which looks and feels like home. Staff deliver person-centered care which

enables them to get to know who their residents and families are - and what their life

was like before. It means schedules and routines are flexible to match the resident’s

preferences and needs. It means residents are involved in many meaningful activities

according to their abilities and what brings them joy.

There are several innovative models of care that have been implemented in LTC homes

in other countries with a few in Canada and Ontario such as Malton Village in Peel,

Henley House in St. Catharine’s, and most recently Henley Place Home in London.

Eight other long-term care homes in Ontario are in the process of implementing

innovative models of care including two in Renfrew County and one here in Ottawa at

the Glebe Centre. These models of care include The Butterfly Model, the Eden

Alternative, the Hogewey Villages and the Green House Project.

The Butterfly Model which has been adopted by LTC homes in Peel, St. Catherine’s,

and London, Ontario focuses on delivering emotion-focused care that connects with

people in a dignified, human way. It addresses the holistic needs of the individuals and

supports quality of life for each person living with dementia across the whole of their

lived experience.

It is time for a shift in our thinking about how we address the systemic problems in LTC

homes that have been exposed by the current pandemic and the tragic loss of lives of

so many long-term care residents. The existing innovative models embrace

transformative culture change. The available data indicates better outcomes for

residents, staff, families, and the health care system.

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