Smart Planning

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Intensification makes cities more efficient and dynamic, and they can have many health benefits. However, if planning and developing denser neighborhoods ends up mitigating these benefits and making neighborhoods less affordable for most downtown residents, only developers of construction projects will realize gains from the sale of their homes. properties.
Many residents in the neighborhood with whom I spoke during the past months have told me that good planning must include predictability and that construction projects must respect existing design values nd plans. For example, residents of Little Italy recently agreed to build 35, 42 and 45-storey buildings on the south end of Preston Street, but are now faced with a demand to double current zoning on Norman Street, a dead end street.

As your Councillor, I will work hard with residents to maintain the integrity and character of our heritage buildings and low-rise buildings, and will only encourage densification where it makes sense and where it does not fit. wrong to the character of our neighborhoods.

Developers should not be encouraged to buy land at a speculative price because they know they will get permission to build buildings that exceed the heights provided for in official plans. If they paid a fair price for their land, then the cost of designing and building a very well-constructed building would be much more affordable.