Preston/Albert pedestrian island to be repaired

Link to design

The Northeast pedestrian island at Preston and Albert has needed renovation for some time. Staff have completed a new design and construction will begin Wednesday, February 3, 2021.

Expected to take a week to complete, during construction there will be a lane reduction in place over the westbound transit lane for the week, reopening the lane in the afternoon peak to accommodate transit.

We will be able to maintain the MUP access during construction (see attached) by pushing a protected facility around the back of the island so they are not impacted by our work. We will however need to close the eastern crosswalk for this work, but the western crosswalk will remain open. Due to the nature of this concrete work during the winter months it will take about 3 additional weeks to cure before we can open everything up.

We can expect to see these temporary measures in place for the month of February.

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