Rental Accomodations Study

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The City of Ottawa is conducting a review of regulations governing private sector rental properties to address public health and safety, consumer protection, community nuisances and other areas of municipal concern.

The City will consider how proposed changes in regulation influence three key factors:


  • Are the current property standards appropriate for rental housing?

  • How can the City work to ensure these standards are met more consistently?


  • Can regulatory changes encourage more investment in private residential rental properties, or protect existing housing?

  • Do existing or proposed regulations discourage investment in rental housing or encourage loss of existing housing?

  • How are Short-Term Rentals like AirBnB affecting the availability of private market residential rental units?

  • How are vacant properties affecting the availability of private market residential rental units?


  • How would regulatory changes impact housing costs?

  • How is gentrification impacting rental costs and what role should the municipality play in managing resulting issues like “renovictions”?

Please see the website and fill out the questionnaires on short-term rentals; student housing; and rooming houses.

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