Request for emergency meeting of the Transit Commission

Dear Chair Hubley,

We are greatly concerned about the ongoing issues with our transit services.

On Sunday August 8th, a break in an axle bearing on Line 1 caused a train to derail resulting in a subsequent 5-day suspension of service. This, in turn, initiated another investigation of our LRT system by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

Since then, a fault in the axle bearing assembly has been discovered but its cause is still under investigation. This has required the suspension of several other trains which may have similar faults. Yesterday we learned that inspections by maintenance crews have revealed further issues in a number of trains. 

On August 9th, a double decker bus had an accident which resulted in the bus leaving the road. This forced the removal of 19 double decker buses.  We are concerned also that Commission Members and Council Members were not immediately informed about the accident or the suspensions.

Both incidents have left us and residents with ongoing questions about the safety and reliability of our trains and buses.

In the interest of accountability and transparency to residents, we request an emergency Transit Commission meeting in the next 10 days to discuss these events.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Councillor Catherine McKenney
Member, Transit Commission

Councillor Diane Deans
Past Chair, Transit Commission

Councillor Diane Deans
Past Chair, Transit Commission



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