Statement about motorcycle convoy

Over the weekend of April 29th & 30th, a convoy of motorcycles is expected to travel to Ottawa.  

I submitted an inquiry at Council for a legal opinion on how to restrict further convoys and illegal occupations. I will share the response when I receive it.

I have met with Ottawa Police and senior City staff. I have been clear:

I do not want convoys sympathetic to the past illegal occupation in our downtown. They must not stop or stay in our neighbourhoods.

I will not have our community re-terrorized. I do not want our children, seniors and other vulnerable residents re-traumatized.

They must not be allowed to create conditions that invite illegal activities or to display symbols that promote hatred or violence.

Our businesses should not be forced to close again.

And I expect police and By-law to work together to ticket and remove law-breakers, whether for illegal parking or stopping, or other activities like noise. This includes loud motorcycle mufflers that are not legal.

I will provide updates to this situation as it develops.

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