Why Catherine loves Somerset Ward...


"Somerset ward is a great place where people want to live and where families want to raise their kids….I will fight to make sure that the things that make it a healthy, fun and safe place are maintained….that means more trees and greenspace, parks where kids can play, a healthy downtown core with thriving businesses where people want to shop and tourists want to visit, better inner-city transit, services for seniors, a full range of housing, safer roads for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and development that respects existing neighbourhoods."



Lives… happily on Walnut Court with her family - which includes four Humane Society adoptees - in the Preston-Somerset area


Works…. as the City Councillor for Somerset Ward.  Sits on the Ottawa Public Health Board, the Ottawa Library Board, the Ottawa Community Housing Board, and is a member of the Environment Committee and the Built Heritage Subcommittee and the Vice-Chair of the Transportation Committee.


Plays…with her daughter and their friends at all of the newly reconstructed parks…Jack Purcell, Primrose, Chaudière, Piazza Dante and at Plant Pool where she sits on the Board of the Plant Pool Recreation Association, providing      recreational programming for kids in the community

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Shops…at local independent businesses in Somerset ward.  Catherine and her family are avid supporters of small businesses and frequent the local shops in their community for their groceries, clothing, coffee, and entertainment